Unique Property Selling Services
The Peter Linsey Difference

To those who value the best, Peter Linsey is the local real estate expert that offers unrivaled experience and access to qualified people and distinctive properties around the world. When you list your property with Peter and Sotheby’s, you get the ideal combination of local expertise and an international brand that offers your property maximum exposure, whether online or in print. Ask Peter for his Property Selling Services brochure to learn more about his many competitive advantages.


Advanced negotiation skills that make you huge money

Peter routinely gets his clients a price 5-10% higher than other listing agents can for the same property. Why? Because while anyone can show property, only an expert can negotiate the best price. Peter has negotiated hundreds of properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars. What price do you ask for? What concessions and counters do you make? Without Peter guiding your negotiation, you might lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Personal attention and concierge service

When you hire Peter, you are truly hiring Peter, not junior-grade assistants. Peter will personally show your property to clients and other agents. You won’t be outsourced or relegated to second-tier status. Peter puts the full range of his skills and knowledge to closing the sale. He’ll actively communicate with you at every step of the process and you’ll have his personal, direct contact information. You’ll never feel like you’re being ignored or have fallen through the cracks. With many other realtors, you’re really hiring their staff, not them. That’s a recipe for dissatisfaction, slow sales, and poor prices. When you hire Peter, you are certain to avoid that mistake.

Honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness

Peter has a sterling reputation, scrupulously cultivated over decades, proven by thousands of satisfied clients. Forthright and truthful, Peter works diligently to understand your personal needs and timeframe, ensuring your best outcome. Guidance you can trust and rely upon is rare.

Faster sales

Not only will Peter get you more money for your property, he has a proven track record of accomplishing this in less time that other realtors. Not only do you want to sell your property for the right price, you want to do it as quickly as possible so that your money is freed up to pursue other opportunities.

Success were others fail

Peter has an excellent track record in selling homes that had previously failed to sell through other agents. If you have are having trouble selling your home, schedule a consultation with Peter today. He regularly gets the job done where others cannot.

More qualified buyers

Peter maintains a proprietary and extensive database – compiled over decades — of local, national, and international buyers of luxury real estate. It cannot be bought and no other agent has access. You alone can benefit from Peter’s decades of contacts in the world of high-end, luxury real estate. It simply cannot be matched by any other agent in Park City.

Local, national, and international networks of agents

As a 20-year veteran of Sotheby’s, Peter knows the best-connected agents in Park City, and maintains an extensive database of thousands of high-end real estate agents around the world, including all of the top national and international markets for most likely buyers of Park City real estate.

A network of experts

Selling your property may require more than Peter’s real estate expertise. It’s essential to employ not on the best agent but also the finest inspectors, financial officers, repairmen, stagers, or other industry professionals who will help you prepare your property for sale while fixing or avoiding problems, so that you can achieve the highest possible sales price in the shortest time. Peter knows the best experts in every area; experts like Peter, who understand you and your property. The right team of experts can save you time, aggravation, and large amounts of money.

Worldwide, custom marketing

Sotheby’s is the number one brand name in luxury real estate and Peter is Sotheby’s most experienced agent in Park City. Combined, you receive an unparalleled ability to launch a worldwide marketing campaign for your property. Peter works with you to craft a customized plan that may include direct mail, print advertising and articles in newspapers and magazines, websites, online marketing, and viral, word-of-mouth campaigns. Not only will you have access to the full range of Sotheby’s marketing products, Peter will also market your property beyond Sotheby’s own channels. These expertly developed and highly effective custom marketing and P.R. opportunities are the extra steps that most other agents – even at Sotheby’s – don’t have and can’t offer. They often critical to a timely and successful sale.

Over 1 Billion Impressions Driving Traffic to Your Property

Quality photography, extraordinary lifestyle, and distinctive homes are at the foundation of our creative marketing execution. Our 2015 media strategy is designed to deliver over 1 billion impressions in an effort to drive brand awareness and direct buyer leads to our sales associates. From targeted print advertising vehicles to exclusive digital marketing offerings to exposure via our network of global offices, the property advertising opportunities offered by the Sotheby’s International Realty® network include an array of unique and individualized options to successfully market a home. Explore our competitive advantages by viewing the brochure below.

Worldwide Marketing Exposure For Your Property

To increase the potential for your home to be found by the most qualified real estate consumers, the Sotheby’s International Realty® brand has partnered with and distributes properties to the most significant media companies and real estate-focused websites in the world. Click below to view our premier global property distribution partners.

Intelligently Showcasing Property

Our media plan is expected to deliver 1 billion impressions with media powerhouses such as: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Daily Telegraph and Architectural Digest. They are supported by additional far reaching media… to round out our plan, create global connections and increase our exposure, we have identified the following partners where we leverage their innovation, experience and international impact. Click below to view our hand-picked partners.